What if I ruin their lives by homeschooling them?

I read a post today by Simple Homeschool and I love what the person wrote about her fears and how she would not regret. Particularly, here are some quotes that really reasonate with me and I am so comforted and encouraged:

I have the benefit of seeing an outcome: my firstborn, my most experimented-upon guinea pig, is in college. Thriving in a college that is three hours away from home. I can tick off a list of all the things any parent wants:

  • his grades are excellent
  • he has self-initiative
  • he has a good rapport with his professors
  • he has friends
  • he can navigate in a large city without getting lost much
  • he seeks out cultural events
  • he eats at least two meals each day
  • he can do his own laundry.

But the measure of success is so much more that what one sees on the outside.

Here’s the thing: He is embracing life. He never learned that life is drudgery, that “school” is about waiting for the next Valentine’s Day party. He did not spend 12 years in monotonous routine dictated by the ticking of the clock and the buzzing of alarms.

He never learned that books make you sleepy and teachers are boring people, and that it’s always safest to fly beneath the radar.

He has a deep love of learning. He never learned the art of regurgitation. He’s responsible, yet he has a heart of adventure. He’s willing to take risks, and he’s not worried about what people think. He’s unique and confident in his uniqueness. Because he grew up surrounded by unconditional love, he is emotionally secure.
Any fears that he would be labeled a weirdo because he was homeschooled are put to rest. No one cares; no one asks. 
And as much as he loves college, he enjoys being home with us, as well. My husband and I have remarked to each other several times that, had we met our son in college, he would be one of our best friends. We would want to hang out with him.

And what’s really awesome? He would want to hang out with us, too.

Yes, I want my children to embrace these attitudes and to want to hang out with us too!


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